History of Ama Yangri

History of Ama Yangri

११ श्रावण २०७४, बुधबार ०८:००

History of Ama Yangri Construction Of Ama Yang-Ri (Ama Yangri Protector of entire Hyolmo valley ), 'Yang Rill Mountain' , is known fondly to the local villagers as Ama Yangri, meaning mother Yangri. Ama Yangri is considered to be a dakini, who, by power of her compassion, has become a goddess protector of the entire region. Locals born under her shadow grow up depending on her blessings. Looking upon her mountain form offers the viewer blessings for long life and freedom from accidents. When parting she is the final face villagers look upon, hoping to impress her form in their minds so that they can draw upon her memory in times of need.....


Rotaract Club of Kantipur Organized Workshop on Health and Happiness

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  A workshop on health and happiness was organized by Rotaract club of Kantipur on 22 July, 2017 with support from Art of living in presence of a dynamic teacher Mr Kaavya Lamsal at SAIM College. The event started by welcoming the guests. The resource person of the event Mr Kaavya indicated that he had worked with many rotaract and rotary clubs in and outside valley. He also stressed on conducting joint projects with rotaract club of Kantipur. The theme of the event was “Health and Happiness”. Happiness is what we seek as our ultimate goal in our liffe however we tend to distract towards either past or future and eventually.....


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