“Lets be more conscience, Nature is crying make good use of Science”

“Lets be more conscience, Nature is crying make good use of Science” 21st century 2020 as a teenager I’ve found myself between the standard establishment of Science the rocket, the transnational vehicle indeed they are comfortable and saves our time but, everything has two sides like the vehicles we all have been using it produces harmful gas in the process of the work the harmful gases produced from human activities come together above the earth making a layer which causes the latest emergency global issue Global Warming.

Science is the biggest subject for the development since the starting of humanity but nowadays generation is taking different mode in the way of science. Modernization has divided people in the world as a different states different countries different continents but we the people are same. Science reveled the world and many disaster and unknowing mysteries which human would never know without it but the misuse overuse of science is bringing the world at the edge of the earth. Albert Einstein theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science, Galileo Galilei known as the “Father of Science” and many other scientists they had done great discoveries with use of their intelligence. (Homosapien) As the smartest creature in the whole kingdom we are being foolish enough by affecting the place where we are staying from the mistakes we are doing in our daily life.

“Give and Take” we take food, shelter and clothes basic needs for human being are provided from nature. Nature’s source is the only cause we are in this state of the Science but as a giving part all we have done is deforestation, various pollution and climate change which is devastating the condition of nature soon enough if only we do is greed for the comfort of the living and cause more of these activities we’re doing which downgrades the nature. Earth wont be suitable enough for human lives. The living environment would collapse into toxic reality where humans wont survive. Proper usage of science balancing with the environment friendly innovation and reducing the harmful part of science which put us every living creatures at risk.

प्रकाशित मिति २३ श्रावण २०७७, शुक्रबार १८:३१

सम्बन्धित समाचारहरु