“The most dangerous animal in the world”

Sonam sherpa

“The most dangerous animal in the world”-The bronx zoo in 1963 inside the cage there was no animal but a mirror where one’s sees one’s own reflection. This notice signifies that our planet faces the most potential threat from mankind rather from any other animal. It alone of all the animals that ever lived can exterminate (and has) entire species of animals. Now it has the power to wipe out all life on earth. Global Warming/Climate Change. Since 2016 its been the warmest years in the history which mean Sea levels are rising which will threats many countries with many property getting washed aways with catastrophic disasters and the country with no necessity of sea levels for not having sea will experience the sadful condition on soil it wont be fertile enough to grow a plant and thus there will be no option for the fertlization except the use of chemical which will only worsen the soil beacuse there is no way to fertilise the soil back to grow crops for foods and plants it’ll be too late the development will be taking up places the earth will be at last condition. The gases genetrated by mankind will cover up the earth stopping the natiral process and causing the greenhouse effect more and more dangerous rays from outer space will be seen new disease woken up from the depth. Think about it Healthy Atmosphere Healthy Earth!!!

प्रकाशित मिति ११ श्रावण २०७७, आईतवार २०:५९