Sonam sherpa- global climate campaigner

Climate Change/Global Warming effects to all us. About 7.8 billion people are suffering conditionally unconditionally. Yet many people dont realise and do as they want But, slowly the earth’s getting toxicated the land the river the air the environment is getting more polluted than ever.

The deforestation are causing us living being to suffocate the Co² and much more new many harmful gasses increased on our own for the phase of unbalanced development. Harmful gases are layering up the atmosphere and trapping the heat received from the Sun. Unperceived climate Irregular rainfall are causing floods and more disaster which are causing uncountable deaths all over the world.

These all are the symptoms of our own action the more careless we are the more people are gonna suffer and the world will end without any future. Everything will restart if the only thing people should worry about is future because if there’s no future the effort we’re doing now will all go to waste at the end but if we’re cautious and go along with the future we might never know when is the end gonna be. Lets think about it!!


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