Human being proud with tourism, must make sustainable naturalism

Human being proud with tourism, must make sustainable naturalism” We live in a world where over tourism has become a real problem, animals are kept in captivity for peoples’ amusement and nature is deliberately destructed and the tourism industry feeds off this. The industry takes in so many tourists in one place that the locals get driven out of their homes, prices rise to a level where the inhabitants no longer can afford to live in their own home town with local wages. Further, it drives that many tourists to one place at the same time that there surges a need to build more hotels to house them all.

Often this is done by foreign investors and only a small part of the income remains locally. They cut down trees and clean large areas of land to build more luxury resorts and golf fields. As defination of tourist visiting from one place to another to a certain destination. Tourists comes to explore many subject as some travel for research and some travel for fun, new places enjoy the moment and many reason and tourist guide have to job to fulfill it. Tourists and entire people should be aware and keep the industry smoothly without any harm to nature and without illegal activities. As some people come from a different place to visit they neglet and throw litters and wastes which is prohibited for the environment. As travelers, we need to remember that we are visitors. When we start thinking about the consequences of our actions when we travel, then we are traveling responsibly and then we can make a difference. The locals also have the responsibility to serve the guests and teach them how things must be done in the place.

The global crisis Global Warming/Climate Change’s effect increases while touring the tourists the gases from the vehicles should be managed every tourists must know about the importance of plants in the part of nature and should have a program for a plantation as a relaxation stress relief. As the crisis does no difference tourism is also getting affected so every people related to it must know their own responsibility preserving the nature together with tourism. Healthy tourism with naturalism!!

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