Sherpa For Change & Y-PEER Nepal organized Youth Risk Behaviors in Drug Addiction

Sherpa For Change in collaboration with Y-PEER Nepal organized interaction program with Wangda Sherpa on Youth Risk Behaviors in Drug Addiction” on 19th oct,2019. Tenjing Doma Sherpa was the emcee of the program where as Rupa Thapa and Dolma Lama were the lucky draw gift hampers among the participants.

DigiBee Nepal was digital partner of the program Wangda Sherpa is a former drug addict who has now turned into mountaineer and campaigner against drug addiction. He has been actively involved in trekking, mountaineering, spreads awareness among youths and helps, encourages drug addicts to do choose recovery ways and do something good. The interaction program with 35 youths was fun filled and inspiring. He shared his story of drug addiction and how he overcome his addiction. He encouraged the youths to do something in Nepal instead of going abroad as Nepal has lots of opportunities that are yet to be utilized.

A firmer believer in Karma, he says that we must be good towards others and the karma will do good to us and vice- versa. Any kind of addiction is bad whether it’s drugs, alcohol or any things that we are dependent on. Our society has different negative prospective towards addicts. He shared that if anyone is addict in our family, society we must send him/her to rehabilitation center instead of hiding, neglecting and ignoring them. Due to the constant support from his brothers and family, he says he has got new life. He expressed that we must be supportive to addicts to recover and former addicts to re-establish in the society and government must also do something for them too. He expressed that such program of Sherpa For Change is a good initiative and together we must work to be the catalyst for change in the society as we ourselves are the society.

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